SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield’s oldest bar announced it’s shutting down temporarily due to one of their employees testing positive for COVID-19.

Lindberg’s Tavern co-owner Ryan Dock says they have been cleaning and deep sanitizing the entire bar and plan to deep clean again before reopening.

The employee who tested positive for COVID-19 received her test results on Monday, July 20, a day after the bar had closed.

On July 21, all employees of Lindberg’s Tavern got tested and Dock contacted the Health Department.

Dock says there were 12 employees wearing masks, following safety measures and social distancing while working at the bar operating at a lower capacity.

According to Dock, employees were encouraged to stop by on July 22 to see if they needed any produce from Lindberg’s pantry that would soon expire.

Lindberg’s Tavern won’t reopen until the test results come back, but Dock says he expects to remain closed for at least two weeks, which will be a financial strain on the bar.

“We’re pretty much, you know, month-to-month on so many things,” said Dock. “It’s a hit for sure. We just thought in the long run, it’s the best thing to do for our employees, for our customers and the community. I’ll take the hit, and hopefully, bounce back.”

Dock says there are several fundraising events, a PayPal and even a GoFundMe page if people want to help the bar during the shutdown.