SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—Restaurant and bar workers in the Ozarks are getting some relief thanks to a fund that a local business has set up.

Heart of America Beverage Company has put up $25,000 to break up into individual grants for local restaurant workers, including servers and bartenders.

The company has contributed its own money to what they are calling the on-premise worker relief fund.

Employees of any bar or restaurant that is a customer of Heart of America Beverage, who have lost their jobs or have had hours cut back, are eligible to apply for a $250 grant that can go towards paying bills or other expenses.

Harwood Ferguson, president of Heart of America Beverage Company, says he knows workers in southwest Missouri are resilient until folks can sit down and have a beer with friends again, they are hoping to provide a little relief to those who serve them.

Ferguson says, “We just looked at what is happening in the world today and figured out one of the ways that we can help. We have such great partners, and our on-premise, all bars and restaurants that are out there, and the countless people that work for them who’s lives have been dramatically impacted by this, and this is a way that we can give back and help.”

Ferguson says the grants are being administered by the Drew Lewis Foundation.

Interested applicants may apply at https://drewlewis.net/dlf-covid-relief/ .