Health officials warn community about false COVID-19 vaccine information


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Healthcare workers say getting the younger generation vaccinated against COVID-19 is an important step in the vaccine rollout. However, some people are making a profit off of people who are hesitant about receiving the vaccine.

“Unfortunately there are some companies out there that are putting out fake information about COVID-19 cures, COVID-19 vaccines, COVID-19 preventatives,” said Stephanie Garland, Regional Director of Springfield Better Business Bureau.

Garland says there is a company in Missouri that sells fake COVID-19 treatments. That company actually received a warning letter from the Federal Trade Commission and states:

“You advertise products and services including chiropractic care and vitamin D supplements. We have determined that you are unlawfully advertising that certain products or services treat or prevent coronavirus disease, COVID-19.”

Medical professionals confirm that there is no evidence of any “magical COVID-19 curing medicine.”

“From a medical standpoint, we don’t have any evidence, any medical or scientific evidence to support that,” said Christy Bos, an infection prevention specialist at Mercy Hospital. “So, our biggest concern would be, make sure you’re talking to your doctor if you have concerns or questions about what to do.”

Bos encourages people to do research before buying any products or undergoing any treatment.

“The CDC has the most up-to-date information, and the physicians out there, the providers, nurse practitioners, PA’s, have a lot of information out there,” said Bos. “The Health Department, your local health department, the state health department, they all have really good information online.”

Bos also says it’s extremely dangerous for false information to travel in the community.

“It’s dangerous for all the public if we are not getting the correct information out or hearing the correct information about the vaccines, because really when you look at the safety of the vaccine compared to the number of people who have received the vaccine, and the amount of side effects that people have actually had, is a v percentage,” said Bos.

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