SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Good Dads says it’s using this time to help families do what it knows how to do best – build healthy relationships.

“The whole reason we exist is to help children by helping their dads,” said Clinical Psychologist and founder of Good Dads Dr. Jennifer L. Baker.

Baker says the non-profit offers practical ways for dads to engage with their children.

“Every day we have a hashtag #funwithdad,” said Baker. “We also have an activity so things like wheelbarrow races, playing catch, finding puddles, just very simple things that dad can do right at home.”

Baker says dads are equally important to a child’s life.

“When dads are engaged, their children are healthier, they learn better, they’re more emotionally stable,” said Baker.

The non-profit’s website also includes things like how to talk to your child about difficult situations.

“Any child that’s expressing sad feelings, it’s important to empathize with the child,” said Baker. “For example, ‘I know it must be really hard not to see your friends’ or ‘it sounds like you’re feeling sad today.'”

Baker encourages helping your child find a way to help others.

“Parents might say who do we know might be happy to get a letter from us,” said Baker.  “That’s a great opportunity to teach your children letter-writing or card-making skills to work together.”

She says it’s important for parents to work together.

“This is not a time for one parent to say well you can’t see your dad right now or you can’t see your mom right now,” said Baker.

Good Dads also offer free podcasts that feature single parent dads, divorced dads, and many other real-life dads.