SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– As families look forward to seeing their loved ones for Easter weekend, some are dreading the requirements that come with traveling.

The Center for Disease Control extended the travel mask order until May 3.

“They’re continuing to monitor the spread of BA.2, the BA.2 subvariant, which now makes up more than 85% of US cases,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. “Since early April, there’s been an increase in the seven-day moving average of the cases in the United States. So what they’re trying to do is give a little bit more time to assess its potential impact.”

The CDC said it will continue to look at data to see if it needs to extend the mask requirement further.

But many say they want to leave masks behind.

“I’m on an airplane and I’m eating my Biscoff cookies, tearing my mask down, putting my mask up and watching people eat,” airplane passenger Roger Holien said. “Yet you still have to wear a mask, but people are eating right next to you. I understand that what they intend to do, they’re trying to limit the spread of the virus. I get that. But the numbers don’t bear out.”

Greene County is currently seeing an average of nine covid cases per week, with only 17 patients currently hospitalized with COVID.