KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new report shows inflation is hitting Kansas City Chiefs fans where it really hurts: At the tailgate party in the parking lot.

The cost of everything from hotels and gasoline to hotdogs and beer is more expensive this football season.

Wells Fargo analyzed prices to calculate how much more football fans can expect to shell out for some pregame fun.


The report show travel costs have the biggest blow this season.

According to data from the American Automobile Association, gas is still up 25% from over a year ago. The hike even takes into account the recent relief drivers have experienced at the pump.

Food and Beverages

Wells Fargo said tailgaters aren’t going to get any relief when it comes to feeding the crowd.

The report shows groceries jumped about 13% in the past year. It’s the biggest gain in decades and impacts some of the most popular tailgate items on the menu:

  • Hot dogs
    • Up 5%
  • Ground beef
    • Up 9.7%
  • Chicken
    • Up 17.6%
  • Pork ribs
    • Up 1.6%
  • Propane/firewood
    • Up 22%
  • Restaurant takeout
    • Up 7.6%
  • Beer prices
    • Up 4.5%


Fans will also likely pay more for tickets to the actual game this year.

Depending on the opponent, the report determined that tickets are rebounding from previous lows this year.

According to Team Marketing Report and Wells Fargo Economics, the average cost for a family of four to attend an NFL game is nearly $600.

You can read the entire Tailgate Inflation report at WellsFargo.com.