KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When the Kansas City Chiefs faced the Buffalo Bills in Week 5, they committed four crucial turnovers that were instrumental in their 38-20 loss.

Those turnovers combined with poor play on offense and defense helped the Bills win in the AFC title game rematch early in the season. With the Chiefs being much more productive on both sides of the ball since then, the offense is making sure that they are ready for everything the Bills defense will throw at them.

“They’re going to have change-ups obviously that they didn’t do in the first matchup. They have a good defensive coordinator, they have a good defensive head coach, they have good players over there so they’re not going to sit back and do the same stuff they’ve done against us before,” Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said on Wednesday.

“So, I’ll watch all of the previous games we’ve played against them this last year and a half pretty much and I’ll watch all of the games they’ve played since then. I try to formulate a game plan for myself and what I expect them to do knowing that they’ll have adjustments and I’ll have to make adjustments on the fly during the game.”

“We have to go out there and play an assignment sound football game,” offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said on Thursday.

“It’s about executing and the attention to details but being great at it, but on top of that, making sure that we’re not taking the little things for granted. When you do have success, sometimes the little things can be taken for granted. We have to value each and every moment that we have at this particular time.”

Since the Chiefs lost to the Bills, they have returned back to their form as one of the best offenses in football. The Bills defense has also been playing well since then, holding the New England Patriots to 17 points in their latest playoff game (most of which came in garbage time).

The Bills also got the most pressure on Mahomes without blitzing and played the most 2 deep safety coverage on the Chiefs than any team all season. Mahomes said the Bills’ safety tandem of Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer is something he’s been studying as he gets ready to take on the Bills’ mighty defense.

“They know how to kind of rock the two high shells to go to one high, they both can play up top or down low so it’s a tremendous challenge to try to get a read for what they’re doing. I mean they have two great players in the back end that can really do a great job of disrupting what you want to do as an offense, so have to account for both of them on every single play.”

“We have to value each and every moment that we have at this particular time. Guys have to take the work home and study. Then when we’re out there, we have to play hard, but more importantly, play for each other by being accountable,” Bieniemy said.

“So, those are the things that are important. If we’re doing all those little things, the rest will take care of itself. And if we’re doing that, I like our chances.”

Another important thing of note was that the Chiefs defense was also missing key pieces as Chris Jones and Charvarius Ward both did not play due to injury.