KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Former Kansas City Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy appeared on the I Am Athlete Tonight podcast and sounded off on Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and why he has not been hired as a head coach.

“Me and the coordinator had our differences on different things,” McCoy said as the interview was coming to an end.

McCoy played one season in Kansas City joining his former head coach at the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid. That year, the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV against the San Francisco 49ers.

When the season ended, he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won a Super Bowl the very next season against Kansas City.

When asked if Eric Bieniemy was the reason he left, McCoy said yes.

“Some players, he talks to them a certain way and some players would take it. I wouldn’t take it. There were some questions I would ask, because everyone is accountable,” McCoy said.

Bieniemy has been a candidate in the end-of-the-season coach carousel for the last few seasons, but continues to walk back into the Chiefs building without any offers.

The discourse around the subject has included league-wide discussions about franchises not wanting to hire Black and minority coaches to head coach positions.

Bieniemy was included in former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores’ class action lawsuit against the NFL for alleged racist hiring practices.

McCoy said that is not the case.

“There’s a reason why, every year they hype him up to get a job and then when the time comes, nobody hires him because they know what kind of coach he really is,” McCoy said.

McCoy did not elaborate further.

Before the 2022 NFL Draft Combine, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid put rumors of a rift between Bieniemy, himself and All-Pro quarterback Patrick Mahomes to rest.

“We were on vacation and over the two weeks, I came back and all of the sudden, I didn’t like Eric, Eric didn’t like me and Pat Mahomes and everybody else. That’s not the case. We all get along good and I’m glad he’s back with us and rolling,” Reid said at the time.

Bieniemy took over offensive coordinator duties when Matt Nagy was hired from the position to be head coach for the Chicago Bears.

This offseason, Nagy returned to the Chiefs as the quarterbacks coach after being fired from Chicago.

Bieniemy is entering his fifth year at the helm of the Chiefs offense in 2022.