KANSAS CITY, Mo. — ESPN’s series of rankings based on results of surveys from NFL executives, coaches and players ranked another Kansas City Chiefs star just short of the No. 1 spot.

Tight end Travis Kelce came in as the second best tight end behind San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle.

  1. George Kittle; San Francisco 49ers
  2. Travis Kelce; Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Darren Waller; Las Vegas Raiders
  4. Mark Andrews; Baltimore Ravens
  5. Kyle Pitts; Atlanta Falcons
  6. Dallas Goedert; Philadelphia Eagles
  7. T.J. Hockenson; Detroit Lions
  8. Dalton Schultz; Dallas Cowboys
  9. Dawson Knox; Buffalo Bills
  10. Hunter Henry; New England Patriots

The objective is to identify the best players right now for 2022. This is not a five-year projection or an achievement award. Who are the best players today? Pretty simple.

Jeremy Fowler – ESPN

Kelce, who has six consecutive seasons of 1,000+ yards receiving, is entering his 10th season in the NFL, all with the Chiefs.

During his career, he has been selected to seven Pro Bowls and three First-Team All-Pro lists, including a unanimous selection to the latter in 2020.

Though the discussion of who is the best tight end in the game stirs up debates among NFL fans, the fraternity of tight ends across the league has seen all 10 of these players take part in Tight End University, the annual summit where the position group can get together and work on their craft.

TEU was started by Kittle, Kelce and former NFL tight end Greg Olson.

On a previous ESPN survey ranking, Kelce’s quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, was also ranked No. 2 behind Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.