A win is a win! Fans react to nail-bitter finish in Chiefs, Falcons game

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Picture of Chiefs fan Tait Sasenick.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The chiefs escaped a loss with another nail-biting finish. 

The last seven games have been decided by six points or less. Four of the seven teams are currently below 500-win percentage (as of week 16).

Some fans feel these close games are cause for concern.

“Well, a little discouraged. I think this is the lowest scoring game we’ve had all year,” Steve Unnerstall, a Chiefs fan, said.

Other fans said they are encouraged by the resilience of this team. Some are even starting to think there is a little magic at work.

Picutre of Steve Unnerstall
Picutre of Steve Unnerstall.

“At the end, we have 15 on our side. We always have a chance.” Unnerstall said. 

Even falcons fans are starting to believe in Mahomes’ magic.

“The only thing I can say is Mahomes magic,” Falcons fan Quintes Secka said. “He did it today. It happened. We fell victim, that’s all I got to say.”

Chiefs fans are gripping on to their good luck charms to muster all of the illusory power that they can add to the Chiefs Super Bowl run. 

“I think this jersey is a lucky item,” Chiefs fan Tait Sasenick said.

Unnerstall said he won’t watch a game without his lucky socks. 

“Well, I have socks with my wife’s face on them. They’re not Chiefs socks, but I do have that.” he said.

Today Jaquaul Dixon found out, in life only three things are certain: Death, taxes, and a Mahomes come back. 

“Honestly, it’s Mahomes. At the end of the day… you know what’s going to happen. You’re just hoping it doesn’t.” Falcons fan Jaquaul Dixon said

With the win against Atlanta, the Chiefs secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

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