SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A local organization has come up with a new way to help provide shelter for the homeless during the winter months.

The creators of Eden Village will soon be proud to open the “Revive 66 Campground,” which sits on West Chestnut Expressway. It’s something Nate Schlueter and the team at The Gathering Tree have been working on for most of 2020.

“It’s been a lot of planning,” said Schlueter. “We didn’t just wake up one day and decide it was cold and build all of this. This has been a nine-month process of really putting together a dignified solution to what people experience on the streets.”

The campground will be equipped with several solar-powered teardrop trailers big enough to fit a bed and equipped with heating and USB ports to charge devices.

“We’ve been talking to other campgrounds about operating rules. Obviously, we’ve been talking to people that run shelters about operating rules and coming up with a safe plan that could accommodate 51 people on any given night,” said Schlueter.

Only needing 2 or 3 volunteers per night, Schlueter said they will only need to pay for utilities. He believes it’s a place people can be proud to stay in order to get out of the cold.

“We’re waiting on a custom three-bathroom shower unit with a custom laundromat built into it,” said Schlueter.

Six to seven private donors helped provide funding to get the trailers.