Christmas Extravaganza

KOZL: Thursday 11/25 from 7pm-9pm and Sunday 11/28 from 5pm-7pm

KOZL: A Country Fix Christmas Celebration 9:30-10pm featuring some of country music leading artists, this special brings the best in country music with both new and classic holiday-themed country hits.

KOZL Afternoon Movies:

KOZL Nutcracker: The Motion Picture Sunday 11/28 from 1-3pm stars: Hugh Bigney Mitchell, Patricia Barker, Vanessa Sharp. The colorful holiday classic is finally brought to the big screen, designed by famed children’s story author and artist Maurice Sendak.

KOZL Babes In Toyland, Sunday 12/5 from 1-3pm stars: Drew Barrymore, Keanu Reeves. During a blizzard on Christmas Eve, Lisa, an eleven year old girl, is magically transported to Toyland. She arrives just before Mary Contrary is to be wedded to the evil villain Barnaby Barnacle and learns that he is planning to take over toyland. Lisa is forced to team-up with her friends, family and the Toymaster to try and overthrow the evil villain.


KOZL Blizzard Sunday 12/19 from 1-3pm stars: Paul Bates, Brittany Bristow, Brenda Blethyn. Santa’s newest reindeer, Blizzard, possesses all three magical reindeer gifts: the ability to fly, the power to make herself invisible, and the gift of empathic navigation, which enable her to see with her heart. The enchanting tale follows Blizzard as she risks being banished by Santa for using her special powers to help Katie, a ten-year-old ice skater, realize her own inner strength and potential.

FOX Holiday Themed Programming

KRBK The Masked Singer original Thanksgiving themed episode Nov 3 from 8pm-9pm

KRBK Bob’s Burgers encore Thanksgiving themed episode will air Sunday 11/14 7pm-7:30pm followed by an encore episode of the Simpsons from 7:30pm-8PM.

KRBK The Great North and Bob’s Burgers original Thanksgiving themed episodes will air Sunday 11/21 TBA

KRBK Animation Domination encore Christmas themed episodes will air Sunday 12/5 This includes The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy

KRBK Fantasy Island special holiday themed 2-hour episode will air Tuesday 11/23 from 8pm-10pm

KRBK I Can See Your Voice original holiday themed episode will air Tuesday 12/14 from 8pm-9pm

KRBK Animation Domination original Christmas episodes will air Sunday 12/19 this includes The Great North, Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy. TBA

KRBK A Christmas Story LIVE! encore episode will air Wednesday 12/22 from 8pm-10pm

KRBK Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy encore Christmas themed will air Thursday 12/23 TBA

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