SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Tomorrow marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month and throughout the month we’re celebrating Hispanic culture and contributions.

Here in Springfield, there is a supermarket that is more than just a store. It’s a look into Mexican culture and food.

Leslie’s Mexican Supermarket has an abundance of items, from authentic Mexican food to detergents from Mexico, giving Mexicans who live in the Springfield community a reminder of their heritage.

“It is Hispanic Heritage Month. There’s a lot of newer people that come and visit the store ”

Leslie’s Mexican Supermarket brings a piece of Hispanic culture to Southwest Missouri.

This family-owned grocery store is the only Mexican supermarket in Springfield.

“We’ve probably been around for like around 14 years,” said Valerie Lomeli, niece of owner Annabel Flore.

Lomeli said she recently started working at the market. She says that she enjoys working with family.

“It’s a great atmosphere to work with something you feel comfortable in,”said Lomeli .

Leslie’s Mexican Supermarket sits near the intersection of Glenstone and St. Louis Street, tucked away in a shopping mall.

Even though it might be hard to spot from the road, it’s no secret that it’s a focal shopping spot for the local Hispanic community here in the Ozarks.

“We have what’s called the Garden City, where you can [get] your meat and everything. And then on the other corner over there, we have our restaurant,” said Lomeli.

Aside from a meat market and restaurant, Leslie’s has other authentic items to offer.

“ We have a variety of stuff. We have a bakery,” said Lomeli.

Things like authentic Mexican food and a place to send money to Mexico are what make Leslie’s so unique.

“I feel like it’s something where not just Hispanics but as well as other cultures and everything can find stuff that they have and everything,” said Lomeli.

Leslie’s Supermarket is open every day of the week until 9 pm.