GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — This week’s health code violations roundup includes bad ice machine practices.

Below are the results of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s food inspections from July 24-28:

July 24

Alli’s Family Restaurant, 4525 W. Chestnut Expy.

  • Inspection conducted due to complaint. A re-inspection will occur on or after July 27.
  • Priority violations:
    • Five boxes of raw bacon being stored above lemons and onions in walk-in refrigerator.
    • Front refrigerator was running warm and the following items tested at 47-50°: coleslaw, cottage cheese and milk.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Pile of broken concrete and old ceramic floor tiles found in the parking lot near the back of the building.
    • At least two chest freezers had seals that were loose and damaged.
    • Inside of ice machine was unclean.
    • Outside of toasters, inside of prep refrigerators, fan in salad refrigerator, inside and outside of dish machine, outside of ice machine and some counters were unclean.
    • Holes found in the floor near walk-in refrigerator and in corner by back oven.
    • Floor and wall beside dish machine was heavily soiled.

Andy’s Frozen Custard Inc., 1300 E. Battlefield Rd.

  • No violations.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc., 3055 S. Glenstone Ave.

  • No violations.

Dunkin Donuts, 4020 S. Campbell Ave.

  • No violations.

Sam’s Southern Eatery 2, 2259 S. Campbell Ave.

  • No violations.

Walmart Supercenter #86 Deli, 2825 N. Kansas Expy.

  • No violations.

July 25

Classic Rock Coffee. 1900 W. Sunset St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Front of house prep cooler found holding top items at 43-44°, bottom items at 42°. Back of house small prep cooler holding at 44° on top and 42° on bottom.

Drury Inn & Suites, 2715 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • Can opener unclean.
    • Potentially hazardous foods cooled from the night before tested above 41°, including meatballs at 47° and mashed potatoes at 49°.

IHOP #5436, 2647 N. Kansas Expy.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Front prep refrigerator still has not been repaired to prevent buildup of condensation.
    • Some areas of the floor in kitchen and dish area have grout and tiles that are missing or in poor repair.
    • Area around some ceiling vents and parts of kitchen floor were not clean.

Kai, 306 S. Campbell Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • All kitchen staff were unable to identify who was in charge.
    • Employee had their cell phone sitting on top of a cutting board used for food prep.
    • Noodles in cooler tested at 43°. Ambient air in cooler tested at 39°. Noodles were prepare the morning before.
    • Noodles tested at 47° while ambient air tested at 52°.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Menus did not have a consumer advisory listed.
    • Employee failed to perform the three steps of wash, rinse and sanitize in the correct order.

Korean Garden, 414 E. Jackson St. Willard.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Some areas of the floor, especially under and around equipment, was unclean.

Kum & Go #1467, 2963 E. Division St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Food employee observed eating on a food prep surface.

McDonald’s #19907, 3250 E. Chestnut Expy.

  • No violations.

The Hibiscus (Red Trailer), 1838 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • No violations.

Wesley Enterprise Tropical Sno, 109 E. Jackson St., Willard

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Drying rack sitting over the hand sink.
    • Box of disposable cups sitting on the floor.
    • No paper towels available at the hand sink.

July 26

Black Lab Coffee Company Downtown, 300 W. McDaniel St.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Cleaned dishware was being placed on cloth towels with visible staining for drying.

Fujisan Sushi Bar (Sam’s), 745 W. El Camino Alto Dr.

  • No violations.

Grand Mart, 1310 W. Grand St.

  • Priority violations:
    • A bad used to store and sell ice was handled, filled and set inside the ice machine on top of the ice.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Dust and debris buildup observed on walk-in cooler vents.

Mudhouse Coffee & Tea, 323 S. South Ave.

  • Previous violations addressed.
  • No new violations.

Pasta Express, 3025 W. Republic Rd.

  • Priority violations:
    • Sevetral pans on clean rack observed with food debris inside pans.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Vent hood filters have buildup of debris and are unclean.

July 27

Burger King, 3009 S. Campbell Ave.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Door sweep was replaced on back kitchen door, but the sweep was bent and daylight was shining through.
    • Small walk-in freezer compressor has condensate lean and buildup of dripping onto pan on top shelf.

El Paraiso Mexican Kitchen, 305 E. Chestnut St., Strafford

  • No violations.

El Poblano Grill & Cantina, 2629 N. Kansas Expy.

  • Priority violations:
    • Milk in bar refrigerator was 47° and unit was iced up inside.
    • Blade of can opener had moderate buildup of food debris.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Inside of ice machine unclean.
    • Some areas of floor are missing floor tiles.
    • Faucet at three-vat sink came off when water was turned on.

Joe’s Route 66 Diner, 201 E. Chestnut St., Strafford

  • Priority violations:
    • Employees observed handling ready-to-eat foods after receiving money with the same gloved hands. Another employee observed handling dirty equipment then handling ready-to-eat foods.

Taco Bell #026065, 405 E. Walnut Ln. Willard

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • One soda nozzle unclean.

July 28

Hilton Garden Inn – Pavilion Grill, 4155 S. Nature Center Wy.

  • Priority violations:
    • Dicer observed being stored uncl;mean when food equipment is required to be stored clean to sight and touch.
    • No active chlorine sanitizing solution in dish machine.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Water bottle observed in food preparation area when employee drinks are required to have a lid and straw.

K Fried Chicken, 3050 S. National Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • Potentially hazardous foods not properly time documented.