REENE COUNTY, Mo. — This week’s health code violations roundup includes outdated food and mouse feces.

Below are the results of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s food inspections from July 10-14:

July 10

Boltons General Store, 7326 State Highway BB, Willard.

  • Priority violations:
    • A few refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods observed without “use by” dates, including liver-cheese and precooked hamburgers.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Several chubs of ground beef being thawed at room temperature.
    • Drain lines under three-vat sink has a leak.

Cafe Cusco, 234 E. Commercial St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Inside of food container on storage rack unclean.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Kitchen and cook line ceiling vents unclean. Repeat violation.
    • Walls along cook line unclean. Repeat violations.
    • Old date-labeling stickers found on outside of food containers. Repeat violation.

Dairy Queen #11678, 3665 E. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Prep table holding potentially hazardous foods at 43°. Still within four-hour time control limit, but the table was refrigerated.

Eurasia Coffee & Tea/Culture Cafe, 445 E. Commercial St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Chlorine sanitizer concentration in three-vat sink had too much chlorine.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Wood holding kitchen utensils and wood wall by three-vat sink not painted or sealed. Repeat violation.
    • Two exterior doors for hotel and front exterior door for the coffee shop allow daylight along the bottom. Repeat violations.

McSalty’s Pizza Cafe, 1550 E. Battlefield Rd.

  • Priority violations:
    • Employee observed eating in a food preparation area.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Open employee drinks observed in food preparation area.

Mudhouse Coffee & Tea, 323 S. South Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • One-door prep table’s ambient air tested to 48°. Ground sausage tested at 45°.

Quality Inn & Suites, 3930 S. Overland Ave.

  • No violations.

The Hive, 304 E. Jackson St., Willard

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Vent in restroom unclean.
    • One kitchen employee did not have his hair restrained.

July 11

Braum’s Ice Cream #193, 3020 E. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Potentially hazardous foods not cooled properly.
    • Potentially hazardous foods above required temperature using time as a public health control.

Casey’s General Store #3011, 2805 N. Kansas Expy.

  • Priority violations:
    • Four outdated subs and salads in display case.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Cabinets under drink station and area around fans in walk-in refrigerator unclean.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store #127, 2858 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • Multiple containers of hash browns being cooled since last night did not reach 41° or lower within an appropriate amount of time.

Crossroads Eagle Stop, 2785 W. State Highway O

  • Priority violations:
    • Items in the prep table found without proper date labeling.
    • Five boxes of Tylenol past expiration date found on shelf.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Upper part of the backsplash on soda machine unclean.
    • Door to the walk-in freezer not shutting tight.

Mama Jean’s Natural Market – Deli and Coffee, 3530 E. Sunshine St.

  • No violations.

Pine Garden, 1725 W. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Container of crab rangoon in walk-in cooler kept over 24 hours and was not date-marked.
    • Can opener has build up of debris on blade.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Sinks have leaks.
    • Fried chicken and eggrolls place on time control not properly marked.

Purple Burrito #5, 3459 W. Kearney St.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • One of the soda nozzles found unclean.
    • Caulking behind three-vat sink in poor repair.

Triple Eights, 1710 S. Kansas Expy.

  • Priority violations:
    • Containers of noodles tested at 48°, smaller service plates of noodles left out at 59° and one large bin of lettuce at 58°.
    • Employee observed retrieving white bin from outside and proceeding to place raw meat inside to place in walk-in cooler.
    • Employee observed prepping raw pork and proceeding to grab a drink and begin drinking over the food being prepped.
    • Mice feces observed in dry storage area in shed on the floor.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Wood above three-vat sink that wire racks are screwer into is not sealed.

Wendy’s #05, 1312 W. Kearney St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Employee handling raw ground beef at cook station left that station to handle other tasks in the restaurant without washing their hands and before returning to the cook station.
    • Cracked food container lids in use and found on the storage shelf.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Hoods above fryers found unclean.
    • Mops found stored in the mop sink.
    • Kitchen hand-washing sink found without paper towels.
    • Back exterior door allows daylight along the bottom.

Wendy’s #27, 3334 E. Sunshine St.

  • No violations.

July 12

Bullseye Convenience Store, 8374 W. Farm Road 68, Willard

  • Priority violations:
    • Half-and-half in dispenser tested at 48°.
    • Dishes were found being washed but not sanitized.
    • Hamburger and sausage patties in prep refrigerator lacked “use by” dates. Repeat violation.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • No paper towels at hand sink. Staff indicated they were using cloth towels. Repeat violation.

Enterprise Park Lanes, 1625 S. Enterprise Ave.

  • No violations.

That Lebanese Place Restaurant, 338 E. Commercial St.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Chute in the ice machine unclean.
    • Kitchen hood unclean.
    • Seal on small kitchen refrigerator door unclean.

July 13

Break Time, 1545 W. Republic Road

  • Priority Violations:
    • Open case cooler holding potentially hazardous foods such as cookie dough, yogurt, sandwiches, cheese and yogurt drinks at 46-56 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods in the open-case grab-and-go cooler were voluntarily discarded and denatured.
  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • No thin probe thermometer available for cooks’ use.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard, 615 W. El Camino Alto Dr.

  • Priority Violations:
    • Chocolate custard mix in custard hopper at 43-44 degrees.
  • Nonpriority Violations
    • Chicken, sliced tomatoes and other potentially hazardous foods on ice-bath and time control, however, no time stamped for discard.

Galloway Station

  • Priority Violations
    • Observed knives being stored unclean on magnetic strip holder when required to be stored clean.

Golden Monkey, 73 N. Orchard Blvd, Fair Grove

  • Priority Violations
    • Observed multiple potentially hazardous foods being not properly cold held at 41 degrees or lower.

Kum and Go, 5343 S. Campbell

  • Nonpriority Violations
    • Ice bagged on premises does not have a place of business.

July 14

Fast-N-Friendly, 2745 S. Kansas Expressway

  • Nonpriority violations
    • Employee observed washing hands at three-vat sink.

Fat Cat Pizza, 204 S. State Highway 125 Strafford

  • Nonpriority violations
    • Observed dishwasher not being able to pump/circulate sanitizer or cleaner through the system.

Firehouse Subs, 4135 S. National Ave.

  • Priority violations
    • Observed PHFs not being properly cold held on the make table.

Jamaican Patty Co., 3439 S. Campbell Ave.

  • Nonpriority violations
    • Daylight is coming through the bottom of the back door.