GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — This week’s health code violations include chicken not being kept cold enough, mouse droppings and more.

Below are the results of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s food inspections from August 7-11:

August 7

Big Whiskey’s, 1440 W. Republic Rd.

  • Priority Violations
    • Several ladles and other utensils stored dirty on utensil rack; tongs stored on fryer door handles and oven handle. All items washed, rinsed and sanitized immediately. Corrected on-site. Manager agrees to use clean and sanitized pan to store working tongs.
  • Nonpriority Violations
    • Cutting boards on prep coolers and steam table are scored, no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Resurface or replace.

Burger King, 935 W. Kearney St.

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Area behind the nozzle of the customer soda machine found not clean.

Culvers, 2520 N. Glenstone Avenue

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Observed residue/build-up inside the ice machine. Required that nonfood contact surfaces are cleaned at a frequency to prevent buildup.

Golden Palace, 1313 W. Kearney St.

  • Priority Violations:
    • Employee potentially hazardous food found stored above pre-cooked and ready to eat foods.
  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Wiping cloths found laying on the counter outside of sanitizer.
    • Door handles to kitchen and door handles on fridges found not clean. Repeat violation and education given.
    • Soda nozzles on soda machine found not clean. Repeat violation and education given.
    • Inside chute of the ice machine found not clean. Education given.
    • Boxes of raw chicken stored on the floor in walk-in cooler. Education given.

Haruno Japanese Sushi, 3044 S. Fremont Ave

  • Priority Violations
    • Observed employee unapproved drink bottle being stored with food in reach-in cooler. Drink removed and education provided.
    • Observed knives being stored unclean on knife holder in kitchen. Knives pulled from service to be properly cleaned.
    • Observed PHF (lettuce) reading 48F in the reach-in cooler when required to be held at 41F or below. Lettuce discarded and a reinspection will be performed to check cooler

Panera Bread, 4100 S. Campbell Ave.

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Observed unapproved employee drink in food preparation area.

Panera Bread, 2535 N. Kansas Expressway

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • There were several stacks of self-service and at front counter cups that were not in a plastic sleeve or cup dispenser that could be contaminated. REPEAT VIOLATION!
    • Dish machine was out of detergent when I arrived. Promptly changed out container at my request.
    • The faucet at 2 vat sink sprays water all over when turned on and hot water was shut off due to a leak.
    • The counter around self-service soda dispenser was very sticky from spilled drinks.

Qdoba Mexican Grill, 4127 S. Kansas Expressway

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Observed: Front of house employee preparing bowls and wraps did not have hair net on. Manager agrees to provide hair nets or other effective hair restraint to employees who are handling food items.

Red’s Giant Hamburg, 2301 W. Sunshine St.

  • Priority Violations Found:
    • Employee handled raw hamburger and did not wash hands before handling a cooked hamburger. Corrected at time of inspection by education given.
    • Employee did not wash hands for required time. Corrected at time of inspection by education given.

August 8

Arby’s, 1833 W. Republic Rd.

  • Nonpriority Violations
    • Employee on line handling packaging sliced meat without an effective hair restraint on. Employee put hair net on immediately. Corrected on-site.

Ruby Tuesday, 2725 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • Priority Violations
    • Can opener blade found not clean. Education given and corrected on site.
    • Vegetable slicers and dicers found on storage shelf not clean. Education given and corrected during the inspection.
  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Bar soda gun found not clean. Education given

Whataburger, 1355 E US Hwy 60

  • Priority Violations
    • Foods held at temperature above 41F, cheese at 42F and 46F in under counter cooler.
  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Boxes of foam cups stored on floor in storage area. Corrected at time of inspection.

August 9

Schultz & Dooley’s, 2210 W. Chesterfield Blvd.

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Some progress has been made on cleaning walk-in floors and main walkway in kitchen, however there is still build up of food debris and grease in Southwest corner of kitchen under shelving and equipment, fryers. Manager has printed cleaning schedule for staff to follow.
    • Vent hood and filters have grease build up. Manager stated the hood cleaning company was scheduled for last week, however is behind schedule and agrees to follow up.

Sonic Drive-In, 2935 E. Sunshine St.

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Buildup of food residue and other debris on nonfood-contact surfaces.
    • Missing vents on hood system above grill and fryers.

USA Investments, 5505 S. State Highway FF Battlefield

  • Priority Violations:
    • Pre-packaged sandwiches in cooler with no use by date.

August 10

Beefaroo, 3312 E. Chestnut Expressway

  • Priority Violations:
    • Potentially hazardous food (127F cheese) not being properly hot held at 135F or higher. Education and corrected on site by staff reheating cheese to 170F and raising heat on original hot hold unit.
    • Various potentially hazardous foods not date labeled. Education given and corrected on site by staff labeling the foods that were not date labeled.

Boys & Girls Club Musgrave Unit, 720 S. Park

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Mouse droppings in storeroom and kitchen

King’s Asian Chef, 1336 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • Priority Violations:
    • Observed potentially hazardous foods (45F cooked chicken, 44F cooked chicken) not being cooled down from 135F to 41F within 6 hours. Education given and correct on site by staff discarding the two containers of chicken.
    • Observed potentially hazardous foods (127F cooked chicken, 127F cream cheese wonton) not being properly hot held at 135F or higher. Education given and corrected on site by staff discarding the foods in the hot wells and increased unit temperature.
    • Observed ready-to-eat cooked foods stored directly under raw meat products. Education given and corrected on site by staff reorganizing walk-in.
  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Observed absence of time control logs for cooked chicken. Education and corrected on site by staff placing time on board when it left temperature control.
    • Observed clutter of items in the dry storage room under a leak. Required to eliminate harboring conditions to prevent pest issues.
    • Observed ice scoop stored directly on the top of the ice machine that had dust build up. Required for ice scoop to be stored in a clean protected location.

The Hill, 600 E. Battlefield Road

  • Priority Violations
    • Observed not properly date marking all ready-to-eat PHFs with proper date for discarding.

August 11

Braums, 2617 W. Republic Rd.

  • Priority Violations:
    • Upon arrival to establishment the dairy and meat open case grocery coolers were being emptied. Manager relayed there was a breaker issue overnight that affected the meat case, dair case and walk-in cooler. Manager temperatures were 56-60F between the three coolers. Inspector temperatures 44-66F. All potentially hazardous food items in the three units voluntarily discarded including meat, milk, dairy items, eggs, etc. Maintenance on-site at time of visit to reset breaker and ensure coolers are coming back down to 41F or below as required.
    • Observed: Breakfast being served with potentially hazardous foods that were taken from walk-in cooler out of temperature. Corrected on-site by suspending permit. All PHFs from grill area coolers voluntarily discarded.
  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Observed: Grease build up on vent hood frames and fryers. Clean more frequently.

*Cooler was checked at 12:40 p.m. and was holding 45-46F. Unit will remain empty until inspector is notified by management that it is below 41F and rechecks.

China King

  • Priority Violations:
    • Observed: Prep cooler holding potentially hazardous food items at 42-44F. Owner had placed call to repair company previously and is not storing food in unit at night.

Subway, 3545 S. National Ave

  • Nonpriority Violations:
    • Observed no paper towels at hand washing sink in kitchen. Corrected at time of inspection.