OZARK, Mo. — 14-year-old Kinley Scott wanted to do something special for her brother and the other 2020 graduates with the only way she knew how, with song.

“I wrote this song for my brother and all the seniors out there, cause this is supposed to be a special time in their life,” says Scott. “Everything just stopped, I feel like we can use a little bit of encouragement right now, so I hope this song is helpful in doing that.”

She has spent the last month working with her vocal teacher to write, “More than a Night.”

Since a very young age, Scott has been a musician and aspires to be a professional singer, but for now, she sings in the youth age band at James River Church. Her brother Eric has played baseball throughout his life and will be going to Evangel University to play for the school.

She says her brother didn’t show too much emotion when she first showed him the song but has hope he will appreciate it.

“He doesn’t display emotion that much, but you could tell that he liked it. I think that it will continue to grow on him as he gets older,” says Scott.

Posting the song on social media has gone viral and has been shared by Bucky Heard from the Righteous Brothers.