SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The commitment students make is often underappreciated, especially those who never miss a day.

Five Springfield seniors who kept perfect attendance all four years of high school say perfection isn’t always perfect.

From the first day of freshman year, they never missed a bell. One student from each Springfield Public High School: Hillcrests Dean Phillips, Parkview’s Trevor Killion, Central’s Hunter Harrell, Kickapoo’s Megan Skala, and Glendale’s Ashley Jones all had the culmination of their hard work cut short.

“The end of this year was kind of surprising because we left for spring break and we didn’t ever really come back. So it was just a lot of updates, and trying to figure out what was going on, what was going to happen.”

“When we got the news that we weren’t coming back I was pretty bummed, we were all pretty bummed, so we haven’t really been doing much because of it. Our family just had a little graduation party last week.”

It wasn’t the way that any of these seniors envisioned their high school years ending, especially missing events.

“I’m in the orchestra at my school and we were supposed to have our final concert. It’s our senior concert.”

“I played baseball there and I swam there. I had been playing with a lot of them since I was a young kid and this was going to be my last year playing.”

“It was my senior year of baseball, so like that was something I was working for my whole life. My senior year of baseball. We just had a new field built this year for us, and we don’t get to play on that this year.”

“It was going to be our first year playing at Central’s field and I was actually really looking forward to it.”

“Yeah we would’ve beat ’em this year.”

“Oh yeah… you guys came pretty close last year.”

All of these students possessed the focus and discipline to never miss a day. A lot went into it. something that they are all proud of.

“I kinda miss some of my friends, but hey, I still got the perfect attendance and that’s kind of exciting for me.”

“I’ve always for some reason enjoyed school, and even like – I’ve had perfect attendance since 6th grade.”

“My parents helped also because they didn’t schedule doctor’s appointments, or dentist appointments during school because they knew it was something I cared about.”

“I bragged about it all the time to my friends. They were missing school left and right, and I was always going to keep this going. I’ve been keeping it up since 6th or 7th grade.”

“I’ve had it since kindergarten actually, and my mom pushed me to keep going if I didn’t want to, so I got lucky.”

A great achievement for all of these students, but this is just the beginning.