NIXA, Mo. — Finished with high school, some 18-year-olds are going to head off to boot camp to serve our country.

Some are going as early as next week.

Because of COVID-19, a lot of students were unable to celebrate their accomplishments in a more traditional way. But, Nixa High School put together a special graduation ceremony for only 10 people.

What do they have in common? They all decided their next steps in life, is to serve the country.

Kyle Deterding, Ariana Wolfe and Collin Miller are all heading to boot camp.

“I’m a little sad that I don’t get to graduate with the rest of my class, but I’m glad that our school had the thought to actually throw a graduation for the seniors who can’t make it,” Deterding said.

Wolfe says she is not complaining.

“I wasn’t a big graduation person anyway, because I’m antisocial so I’m kind of just like, please don’t put me in a room with thousands of people, I’m good,” Wolfe said. “So this is probably better for my personality.”

The gradautes told KOLR 10’s Frances Lin why they decided to go into the military.

“I didn’t decide to go into the military until last year,” Deterding said. “I hadn’t really thought about it until I was approached by a recruiter and he told me the benefits of college.”

“I just thought, I have nothing else to do after school, so I’ve decided to join,” Miller said.

Wolfe envisions making the Navy a career in her future.

“The general plan is I want to be one of the first female captains on submarines,” Wolfe said.