SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– It’s graduation time for Missouri State University students, like first-generation college student Emily Reichgeld.

Reichgeld says she’s trying to make the best of things despite her graduation being postponed this year.

“For me, I’ve been trying to think about it logically instead of more emotionally,” said Reichgeld. “I would rather do it safely and have my mom here.”

Reichgeld has earned a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology.

“I’m actually from Wisconsin so I started at a university up there,” said Reichgeld.

She says she ended up taking a year off from school after her program was cut.

“Luckily I was motivated to apply other places which is how I ended up finding Missouri State,” said Reichgeld.

She says transferring to MSU was one of her best decisions yet.

“I just fell in love with the program and the professors and the work that I was doing,” said Reichgeld.

Reichgeld plans to attend grad school at MSU in less than a month.

“I think it’s always important to remember what it is you want to do and what’s going to make you happy in the end,” said Reichgeld.

Kenny Kabak is also graduating this week with a Master’s in Music from Missouri State.

“I’m fired up about teaching music to people,” said Kabak.

Kabak says he was allowed to travel the world through his undergraduate studies at MSU.

Kabak will join Springfield Public Schools this fall as a middle school music teacher.