OZARK, Mo. — The Historic Morgue on the Ozark downtown square claims to have ghosts that move objects and speak to guests. Ozarksfirst.com looks at the haunted history of the Historic Morgue B&B.

History of the Morgue

The building located at 202 East Church St. was constructed in the early 1800s as the Methodist Church, later hosting several denominations before becoming the Presbyterian Morgue in 1910.

The building later served as the Ozark Undertaking Company, Ozark Embalming Company, Klepper’s Funeral Home, and then for 30 years it was the Christian County Museum.

The morgue was vacant for a long time before Alta Bivens purchased it in 2018 turning it into Church Street Antiques & More.

Although reluctant at first, Bivens’ mother convinced her to buy the property.

“It was just beautiful and I wanted to save it,” said Bivens.

She said for years people would come to the antique shop and ask to stay the night because strange things would happen.

“So we decided to give them that opportunity,” said Bivens.

In February of 2023, Bivens converted one side of the morgue into a bed-and-breakfast.

Is it the Historic Morgue Haunted?

“Everyone that has stayed here says, yes. I don’t promise that things will happen if someone stays here. But all but two guests have had something happen here,” said Bivens when asked whether the morgue was haunted or not. “Not to mention employees and my handyman and the cleaners and everyone else that frequents the building … Yes.”

Bivens said the first time she experienced paranormal activity was in the sanctuary. An object began moving on its own. She and her mother found items on shelves that were on the ground and could only be there if someone were to pick them up from the top of the display.

“I’ve felt an entire hand rest on my back. I could feel fingers, the palm, everything on my left shoulder blade. So that was interesting,” said Bivens. “When you’re here and you’re alone … you don’t feel alone.”

Bivens said she believes the spirits are not malevolent.

“Some people have even said that stayed here, ‘It feels like a grandmother’s spirit’ that it’s pleasant,” said Bivens.

According to the morgue’s guestbook, where guests are encouraged to write about their experience staying the night, several people mentioned hearing a little girl’s voice and children laughing. Others have stated they could hear footsteps. Some guests mentioned the motion light would turn on, but no one would be moving around to trigger it.

A picture of a large shadow in the entryway of the morgue was taken by a friend of Bivens.

Several ghost-hunting investigators have spent the night at the morgue. OzarksFirst teamed up with the Southwest Ghost Finders to conduct their own investigation. Watch the video above to see what they found.