FRIGHTLY NEWS: Sarah Scarlett and Ashley Eddy find themselves lost in the Hotel of Terror (and Love)

FRIGHTLY NEWS: Steve Savard and David Chasanov muster up the strength to survive the Dungeons of Doom

FRIGHTLY NEWS: Bailey faces her fears while Jacob faces redheads

FRIGHTLY NEWS: Mike Landis and Sydney Moran attempt to avoid dolls and clowns at Nixa's Field of Screams

FRIGHTLY NEWS: Dan Lindblad and Matt Vereen visit Myers Inn Haunt

FRIGHTLY NEWS: TJ Springer and Savannah Tennyson weather the horrors of the Monster Corn Maze

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Jenifer Abreu Braves the Hotel of Terror

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Bailey Strohl has a hollywood scream when visiting the Dungeons of Doom

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Matt finds a new nickname at the Field of Screams

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Jesse Inman Goes On a Haunted Float Trip in Galena

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Dan Lindblad gets stalked in a haunted corn maze

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Nyzah McDonald almost chickens out of going to the Fear Factory

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: David Chasanov is Too Nice to Scarers at the Fear Factory

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Sarah Scarlett laughs in the face of fear and then joins them

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Frightly News: John Adams and Crystal Blair

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Dan Lucy and Jesse Inman

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Frightly News: Lauren Barnas and Beth Finello

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FRIGHTLY NEWS: Jamie Warriner and Chris Six

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Need a good scare this October – Here is a list of haunts we recommend.

Hotel of Terror

Dungeons of Doom

Fear Factory LLC

Myer’s Inn Haunt

Field of Screams

Monster Corn Maze

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