Imagine being such a scaredy-cat that even haunted house workers (people paid to make you scream) start taking pity. Jesse Inman doesn’t have to imagine.

This is Jesse’s second time to participate in Frightly News. You might remember last year, when he and Dan Lucy braved the Hotel of Terror.

This year, during Jesse’s trip to the James River Outfitter’s Haunted Forest and River Float, he had to go alone. You see, we’re doing things differently this year.

Instead of having our victims participants team up with another member of the KOLR10 News team, we gave them the option to bring a close family member or go alone.

We’re also changing the game by distracting participants with personal, get-to-know-you style questions during their tour.

You can watch a new episode of Frightly News Season Two every Wednesday and Friday throughout the month of October.