BRANSON, Mo. — This month OzarksFirst is participating in the Feeding America Campaign to help raise money for families in need.

As part of the campaign, OzarksFirst is highlighting stories in the Ozarks about food distribution.

Christian Action Ministries has been trying to grow its reach while also keeping its most vulnerable safe during the pandemic.

When we took over my neighbor’s pantry in Forsyth, we didn’t have much clientele and we knew there was poverty in the east side of the county, so we took the ministry to the road,” said Larry Johnson, a volunteer.

On the first Wednesday of every month, CAM packs a truck full of food and travels wherever people need it the most.

“We’re in Bradleyville,” said Johnson. “We’re in Protem. We’re in Cedar Creek serving people in need.”

“We’ve since added senior shut-ins in Forsyth, Branson, Hollister and we’ve also done some mobile distributions in the Rockaway Beach, Merrian Woods area,” said Executive Director Kevin Huddleston.

Huddleston says his staff uses local churches to create a drive-through food pantry wherever they go to keep their clients safe during the pandemic.

“Well used to be you didn’t drive through, but after this covid deal you drive through, they load it for you and we’re gone,” said Steve Combs.

For those most at risk for COVID-19, the organization relies on neighbors such as Deloris and Steve Combs.

“We told them we really didn’t need it, but they said you surely know somebody that needs it, so we’ve been trying to get it and help anybody else that needs help,” said Combs.

“Will take a bag of food for them and set it on the front porch, and they can come out and get it,” said Johnson.

We track all that with all the paperwork and the computer and all that, so we know who is getting what, but it’s just another opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors,” said Huddleston.