WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Election experts predict voter turnout could hit 67 percent in the presidential election — the highest turnout since 1908.

Michael P. McDonald, a University of Florida professor who tracks election data through the United States Election Project, predicts about 160 million votes will be cast in the general election.

The figure of 67% of eligible voters would mark the first time since 1908 that turnout surpassed 65%, according to McDonald.

“We’ve been in this really narrow trading range ever since then,” McDonald told the New York Times. “We’ve never reached back to those 1800s levels. Maybe this is the election we do that in. That would be astounding.”

More than 100 million votes were cast early in this election — largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At least seven states surpassed their 2016 vote totals during the early-voting period. Those states were Texas, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and Montana.