Your Dream Kitchen Awaits You!

If you are looking for granite or quartz countertops, choose East Coast Granite for your home project! 

At East Coast Granite, we are your locally owned and operated granite and quartz countertop experts! We KNOW that you’ll have a better experience from start to finish when you choose us. Our service is truly World Class!

We keep full slabs of Granite IN STOCK – over 60 variations to choose from!

We offer our exclusive 24hour 2 Week guarantee! This means that when you’re ready, contact us and we’ll meet with you within 24 Hours for your free estimate. Then once you’ve selected your dream countertops, we’ll have it installed within 2 weeks of your template, GUARANTEED! And our average kitchen is only $2000! Making East Coast Granite your most affordable option in Missouri!

Our Kitchen Actualizer allows you to make the right decision for your home! And its fun and easy to use! 

Your Dream Kitchen Awaits You!
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