SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Laurie Davies with the City’s Environmental Services gave a few tips on how to make your backyard nature friendly and a natural habitat for animals.

“We want to attract other pollinators like bees and butterflies because those creatures not only encourage pollination in our yard, but then pollination is something that we rely on for food,” said Davies. “One out of every three bites of food that we take is a result of pollination. So we can encourage birds, bees, and butterflies to come to our yard by planting natural native plants.

Davies said these pollinators need a source of water as well.

“So we could put out shallow pans like pythons trays that we can just fill with water on an ongoing basis. And a place for them to get some water. Living organisms need that. And then another thing that we can do for supporting wildlife in our backyard habitat is to think about the things that we put in our yards.”

Davies said you should avoid putting chemicals such as chemical fertilizers in your yard.