SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — If you are clearing out your garden for Spring Ashley Krug with the Springfield Environmental Services has a few tips before you get started.

Disposing of yard waste

In Missouri, it is actually illegal to put yard waste inside a trash can. According to Krug, this was a law that was created during the 1980s to divert organic material from the landfill. This is why there is a yard waste recycling facility located in South Springfield.

Once you drop off those materials at the facility where the materials are separated into two different groups.

“There is a mulch area where your brush and tree limbs are going to go to be ground up into mulch to be used in gardens,” said Krug. “Then we have a composting area that’s where we are going to take that mulch and green garden waste and we turn that into a really rich soil which can be purchased by our citizens.”


If you are creating a new garden bed a piece of cardboard could come in handy. According to Krug, cardboard acts as a very efficient weed suppressant.

“That cardboard is going to help us prevent any of the grass coming up or any weeds getting in the areas we don’t want them,” said Krug. “The cardboard is also going to decompose and become a part of that rich soil.”