SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – During the nationwide baby formula shortage, one mother in Springfield is trying to help others find what they need to feed their child.

Haley Gullion created a Facebook group for moms called Formula Finds (Springfield, MO and nearby). In the private group, folks who are out grocery shopping are encouraged to post pictures of a store that has a baby formula on the shelves.

“I’m an admin of a different mom’s group on Facebook,” Gullion said. “There were a lot of people posting pictures of the shelves trying to kind of tell people, ‘Here’s where this formula is today.’ So I thought maybe creating a group just for that to streamline those posts would help people who are looking for stuff.”

More than 600 people are in Gullion’s Facebook group, 100 of which joined the week of May 16. She made the group a month ago.

Gullion tells OzarksFirst that she knows a lot of moms who are struggling right now, and need a specific formula to feed their babies.

“I breastfeed, but my baby is four months old. So if I didn’t have the milk supply, I would be in the same situation. I know what it’s like to be trying to keep a baby nourished who can’t have solid food right now. I feel for those moms. I don’t know if I would be able to spend all that time driving around and trying to find the formula on top of working or taking care of kids.”

While some parents are looking for formula alternatives, Gullion says the best solution is finding a store that has what you actually need.

“The group has been helping, especially this week. We’ve had a lot of people join that aren’t people looking for a formula, but they’ve joined because they’re just willing to take pictures of the shelves whenever they’re at a store. So, I think if we could have more people join that are just willing to take those pictures and post them when they’re there it can help moms get there or dads as soon as they restock since the formula is going so quickly.”

Gullion says some mothers have gotten very creative with her group. They’ve been letting people know when they have leftover formula at home. 

“They’ve been able to connect with other moms that need that formula. There’s been a ton of people who have been able to post specifically what they need and they’ve connected with other people in the area that have it. So, that’s been really helpful I think too.” 

She tells OzarksFirst that baby formula is what parents are most worried about right now.

“I think people trying to make sure that their babies are fed when they need it. I know some moms have said they’re worried about trying to water down the formula powder they have to make it last longer, which is not recommended for health reasons. I think just making sure they can find the food that their baby needs.”

Gullion says it feels rewarding to meet a need during a tough time.

“I’m really happy to help. I really hope this kind of relieves some stress for moms who are desperately trying to find the formula they need. I hope even just having a community of people who are in the same boat, or are willing to help maybe eases the stress they are feeling right now.”