SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Distracted driving-related crashes have claimed the lives of over 800 in Missouri in the last decade.

Now, lawmakers are working on legislation to help keep people safe on the roads. 

Missouri and Montana are the only two states in the country without distracted driving laws, which is why over five different organizations are supporting two senate bills that would put a dent into distracted driving. 

Senate Bill 56 would criminalize the use of cell phones behind the wheel and promote the use of hands-free cell-phone use through Bluetooth or voice-to-text.

A first-time violation would mean a $50 fine and two points against your driver’s license. Repeated offenses could lead to harsher penalties.

Right now, only drivers 21 years and younger are banned from texting and driving, but the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety reports 74% of all drivers cited in cellphone-related crashes were over the age of 22.

There are 18 days left in the Missouri legislative session for lawmakers to discuss the bills.

Today, at least 10 speakers, including Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe, will meet at the state capital at 10:30 a.m., where they hope to make headway for safer driving here in Missouri.