NIXA, Mo. – Missouri’s municipal elections are a little more than a week away, and voters in Nixa have a decision to make about District 2. Two candidates are running for the council seat representing the central to the southeast part of town: Aron Peterson and Corin Harskey.

Peterson, the incumbent candidate, tells OzarksFirst he has served Nixa for a long time.

“I’m currently the longest-serving member of the city council of Nixa with 12 years,” Peterson said. “I still feel there’s more that I can facilitate to accomplish for the city. I like serving the citizens of Nixa and doing what I do for them. I’m a conservative and very fiscally minded. Also, I am a proponent of fully funding our police department. We’ve worked hard to make sure that they have everything that they need in order to provide our citizens with the best safety they can.”

Peterson has represented District 2 since 2010. He helped bring the largest solar farm to Nixa, which accounts for 8% of the city’s utilities. Peterson says this has helped drop Nixa’s utility rates.

“One of the things I’d like to help do is continue to spur the economic development in our area,” Peterson said. “We’ve got a good base and we’re getting going, but I would like to continue to see more economic development. [I’d like to] help not only make Nixa a great place to live and play, but also a great place to work.”

Peterson’s opponent, Harskey, has lived in Nixa for almost 11 years.

“I’m passionate, informed and I will do my best to serve the city and make sure the voters are represented,” Harskey said. “It’s really just about keeping the government accountable making sure that they’re using tax dollars wisely. That’s really what the government is there for. They make sure the city is functioning and running.”

Harskey tells OzarksFirst she’s interested in learning about how the government works. It’s her second time running for the position. Harskey adds that she’s running to set an example for her daughters. She says she wants to show her daughters they can and should make their voices heard. Harskey tells OzarksFirst that being involved in local government is a privilege people could lose if they don’t use it.

“[If I’m elected] I will take the time to research and look into every ordinance and issue that comes before the council,” Harskey said. “I would really take the time to make a good decision for what’s best for the citizens of Nixa. I’m passionate about making sure the government is accountable.”

Harskey says she would also like to make life easier for small business owners in the area.

“I want to alleviate some of the issues for small businesses that are coming into Nixa,” Harskey said. “I’ve heard from business owners that some of the requirements for them can be cumbersome and illogical. I would like to alleviate those issues, so Nixa is more appealing to business owners.”