SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Over the next two days, low temperatures will reach the low 20s, which will mark the end of the growing season in the Ozarks. it also means plants will need to be taken care of so they can survive the night.

Mike Schaffitzel, the manager of Schaffitzel’s Flowers and Greenhouse, said if people leave their plants outside or do not get up to water them, they will burn.

“Anybody that has green plants, ferns, whatever on their front porch: if you don’t bring it in, it’s going to be brown,” Schaffitzel said.

Over the course of the next two days, folks here in the Ozarks will be in a hard freeze warning with record or near-record low temperatures.

Schaffitzel said the best thing people can do with plants is to bring them inside because if you don’t then the plants will mostly like burn, which means that the plants will turn brown.

Using frost cloths and watering your plants are other ways for plant owners to make sure that their plants survive the next couple of days.

Schaffitzel said he also grows broccoli and if he doesn’t pick them up in time, then it could be lost due to the freeze.

This summer was a very hot one and a very dry one as well. Schaffitzel said that the one thing worse than it being cold and wet is it being cold and dry. 

 “The plants have struggled this summer and I mean even now, we were watering trees over the weekend at home because it is still so dry. and it’s like cold and dry is worse than cold and wet,“ Schaffitzel said.