SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Normally when people want to start eating healthier they immediately turn to salads. However, not all salads are healthy.

According to Amanda Allen, a registered dietitian from Hy-Vee, dry salads isn’t doing you any favors. That’s because fat keeps us full for longer and it maximizes nutrient absorption.

“Greens have lots of fat-soluble vitamins,” said Allen. “If we don’t have the fat on there from the salad dressings we’re not really absorbing those.”

Picking the right dressing

  • Try picking a salad dressing that has either avocado or olive oil base.
  • Make sure there are no artificial sweeteners
  • Look at the grams of sugar
  • Always buy full fat

“Anytime they take the fat out of something they are replacing it with extra sugar,” said Allen.

You can also make your own dressing at home.

First, you will want to make sure you have a 3:2 ratio. Three will be the oil and two will be the vinegar. You can also put in fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme. You can also put honey in your dressing. Once you mix your dressing you can put it in your fridge for three days and then it’s ready to pour over your salad.