SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — According to the AAA, 113 million people will travel from Dec. 23 to Jan. 2. 

Though many people are enjoying a nice break, those in need of blood transfusions cannot wait.

Blood donors are encouraged to give now if they can. 

JoAnn Woody of the Red Cross said receiving blood donations is hard this time of year. With many people traveling for the holidays and with the arctic blast that hit southwest Missouri which affected road conditions, Woody said the Red Cross was hit pretty hard.

“This time of the year our teams are used to it,” Woody said. “They know it is going to be a potential.“ 

Woody said although winter weather is not unusual this time of year, the artic blast really put a strain on some of the blood drives, which forced the cancellation of some of their drives, hurting their ability to stock up on donations.

Woody said there is not a specific type of blood that they are needing but said they encourage people who are type O positive or type O negative to give because they are a bit more universal.

In one final push for the end of the year, the Red Cross has set up numerous blood drives throughout the Ozarks to secure enough donations for patients in need.

By donating blood, donors could help more than just one person.

“From the minute I walked in the door to the time I walked back to my car, it was 45 minutes,” Woody said about her blood-donating session. “In that 45 minutes, the blood that I donated had the ability to possibly save up to 3 lives.”