SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — It’s a special day for Chiefs fans here in the Ozarks as a bus full of Red Kingdom supporters makes its way to Kansas City for the championship parade.

Coyote’s Adobe Café Owner David Bauer told me he started preparing for the parade last week before the Chiefs even stepped on the field against the Eagles.

 “I already reserved two buses,” said Bauer before the Super Bowl. “I’m not jinxing anyone. I’m just a prepared guy, so we’ll see how that goes.”

The Chiefs are now celebrating their second Super Bowl victory in four years. 

David is taking his employees and their families to Kansas City to celebrate not just the parade, but to honor them and their hard work.

“It’s definitely gonna be a blast,” said Avory Sutton. “I’m going to be very excited.”

“And it’s just an incredible feeling to be there again,” said Kyle Blakey.

Mitch Holtus, the voice for the Chiefs, said Springfield is the second capital city for the Kingdom because of the passion and heart the fans have for the Chiefs. 

“I get to travel the entire Chief’s Kingdom but I’m not sure there is a hotter spot for the Kingdom than the Ozarks,” said Holtus.

From heading to the store right after the Super Bowl win on Sunday to buy championship gear to treating employees to the Super Bowl parade in KC, the love for the Kingdom runs deep and it’s on display every day of the year in the Ozarks.