SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Thousands of Missourians with marijuana misdemeanors on their records should have them automatically expunged since voters passed Amendment 3 back in November.

Circuit clerks have a statewide deadline that says that they must expunge every misdemeanor charge related to less than three pounds of marijuana by June 8.

Over 44,000 marijuana cases have already been expunged statewide, including 10,000 felony cases.

Part of the reason why some counties won’t meet it in time is because the older case files are only accessible through paper meaning thousands of case files will have to be checked by hand.

A local defense attorney tells OzarksFirst that Greene County has cleared thousands of cases related to marijuana and the majority of those involved people who are currently on probation or whose sentences have been completed.

Felonies need to be expunged by December 8.

While the deadline for misdemeanors is tomorrow, Missouri is seeing no slack in marijuana sales. The state just eclipsed 1 billion dollars in sales.