SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — This holiday season, a great activity to do with your family is ice skating or maybe even some hockey lessons.

Although it might sound a little intimidating, it’s a sport for all skill levels. That’s according to experts – in this case, B.J. Norman, a hockey coach at Jordan Valley Ice Park.

The KOLR10 Daybreak crew decided to test their skills on the ice with the help of B.J., and it’s safe to say, other than meteorologist T.J. Springer, the anchors better stick to news and shoes on solid ground.

T.J. is part of the most accurate team of meteorologists even on the ice. He was the only one to score a goal.

Check out the video above to see how they did or how they didn’t.

You can take hockey classes at the Jordan Valley Ice Park, where they even offer one on one adult classes. (That’s what Jesse and Jen need.)

Coach B.J. Norman says all skill levels are welcome.

To find that information head on over to the Ice Park’s website. That’s where you can find all of the time for those classes as well as ice skating.