WILLARD, Mo. — Being a freshman is an exciting feeling that we all know can come with some nerves.

At Willard High School, the Tiger Kick-Off is a way for freshmen to get used to their surroundings and interact with older students to offer some peace of mind for the new students.

A big day for freshman Josslyn Ibarra and hundreds of her classmates. For many of them, it’s their first time stepping into the building where they will be learning for the next four years.

“It like, helps us get to know the school, get to know our classes all of that. To me, it’s helpful. You come in from the middle school and it’s really small, and then you come in here and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh this is huge!” Ibarra said.

Alex West is a member of Student Government and one of dozens of seniors helping freshmen find their way.

“It just gives them a day to kind of get used to everything before all of the upperclassmen are here, and see what their schedule will look like. We get to know them a little bit just so they will have a friend even before the first day of school.”

Principal of Willard High School Dr. Kevin Morrison said, “What we know is that kids will listen to other kids who are successful, and that really builds success. So, success then breeds success.”

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