STRAFFORD, Mo. — Ruling the school as principal is a very busy job, but for Strafford Elementary’s Dr. Ashley Bough, she’s “digging” the responsibility of head varsity volleyball coach at Strafford High School.

“It’s just been a blessing ever since we’ve met some wonderful people that we consider family now. And everybody has the same goal in mind. We want to support kids and give opportunities to kids to help them grow not only as students or athletes but just as individuals as well,” Dr. Bough said.

Dr. Bough isn’t alone when juggling both roles. She believes it’s important to work together as a team to get the job done. Plus, knowing when to take a breather.

“Just relying on other people and that’s something that I’m a super driven person but also it’s okay. I’m a realist as well and say, ‘You know what, we need some time away from this or we need to take a break or maybe slow down a little bit,'” Dr. Bough said.

The Stafford Lady Indians have had a successful program for the 11 years Dr. Bough has coached. Experience has brought them this far but going to the next level takes more effort that this year’s team is ready to bring to the court.

“Returning with a lot of experience and so our goal is to get better every single day. And I feel like these kids have bought into that. They work hard. They have a mission to make a name for themselves, no matter who’s on the court or not. And that’s it. That’s something you can’t teach,” Dr. Bough said.

Dr. Bough gives credit to the people before her who motivated her to be the leader she is today in the Strafford community while building future leaders in the process.

“I’ve had people who’ve invested in me and have given 100% and been that support system or that person, that constant push for me. And so I just want to do that for other people and I feel like I am who I am today because of those people, my family, my mom, my siblings, my husband, and then also those educators and coaches along my life that have just instilled that drive in me and so I hope to be that to those kids that I get in contact with.”