STRAFFORD, Mo. — If a school can judge community support by passed bonds and levies, Strafford School District is leading the way.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Hedger says the support is providing opportunities for some of the best students around,

“We’ve got the best of both worlds. We have the small school feel. However, we are fortunate to be in the situation to have resources the large schools have, with the benefit of the small school,” Dr. Hedger said.

Last April, a $10 million bond was passed that will provide resources for the district’s youngest kids. The early childhood building is under construction and the kindergarten will be moved to the new building, allowing more room for the current elementary school.

Recently, the health, PE and recreation building, better known as the HYPER, opened its doors. The building is used for health and PE during the day, and for sports and band by night.

“We made it a point, whenever we built that, this is not going to be something that sits empty all day long and then all of a sudden we use it after school for practice,” explains Dr. Hedger. “It’s utilized probably as much as any building we have, to be honest with you.”

Also, with the passing of Proposition 2, the district has had the opportunity to increase teacher and staff compensation.

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