REEDS SPRING, Mo. — The world of engineering continues to evolve every day and the Reeds Spring School District is partnering with Project Lead The Way to offer students a program designed to put their skills to the test.

The engineering program at Reeds Spring High School gives students the tools they need in an industry that is in high demand. Around 50 students are enrolled in the engineering program

Damon Asbill and Richard White are in charge of the department and say with the addition of the new Table Rock Career Center they are hoping to add even more students in the years to come.

“Anytime I can get a student engaged in science and get the feedback from them, you know I didn’t like science until I took this class. That’s what gets us up in the morning as science teachers,” said White.

White is in charge of teaching the juniors and seniors and Asbill teaches the freshman and sophomores.

Asbill says taking your time and starting small leads to creative and exciting ideas.

“Of course, we start small, they build automatons and they kind of increase to the point where they invent stuff,” said Asbill.

From making 3D chess pieces to working on robotics, Asbill said students getting the opportunity to come up with ideas and seeing those ideas come to fruition is what makes this program so special.

He said even if their projects don’t come out quite the way they expected them to, by learning from their mistakes, it’s only going to make them better in the long run.

“They learn how to see a problem, solve that problem, and find different ways to innovate and find different ways to move on. So even if they aren’t going into engineering, they’ve learned a lot about different things that they can accomplish, ” said Asbill.