REEDS SPRING, Mo. — The doors to the Reeds Spring Primary School first opened in the 1960’s. Nearly 50 years later, the primary school is expanding, thanks to a bond issue passed by voters.

While the new hallways aren’t quite ready for eager students, they are only a month or two away from opening the doors. Currently, the youngest students of the district are spread out over three buildings, leaving Principal Adria Simkins spread thin.

When the doors finally open, it will be a dream come true for Simkins, “We’ve made it work, but it is just going to be delightful to have everybody under one roof. Every time I walk through the new building it’s just beautiful. I cannot wait to get our classrooms full of children.”

Simkins tells us she is hoping to be fully moved into the new part of the building by the end of the first quarter. The new primary school will also have a new playground for the district’s youngest children.

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