CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. — Christian County is known for its natural beauty, but there are a lot of things around the community that are manmade.

One of these things is the Mural in Billings, Missouri. The mural covers the entire east wall of the Billings City Hall and gives anyone that looks at it a history lesson about the small town.

Another iconic display in Christian County is the Old Riverside Bridge. The bridge was originally built in 1909 and was built next to the Old Ozark Mill.

The bridge allowed people to cross the Finley River until 1924 when it was deemed too small for demands and moved upstream near the Riverside Inn. in 2015 it was closed permanently. However, due to a grassroots effort, the bridge was saved from demolition and was eventually bought by Johny Morris who moved the bridge just a few hundred feet from where it was originally built.

Last but not least, Christian County is home to some great places to eat. However, locals will probably point travelers to Lambert’s. Home of the thrown rolls opened in 1994 and sits along CC Highway. Its generous portions, pass-a-rounds, and rolls have drawn people in from all over the world.

Did you know part of Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is in Christian County? Check out our interview above to learn more about upcoming events happening there.