HIGHLANDVILLE, Mo.– KOLR10’s Daybreak on the Road visited Christian County and searched for things that make the county unique. One of those things is a park in Highlandville that gives anyone an opportunity to fish.

Operating since 1982, Mountain Springs Trout Park owner and manager Johnny Edgmon said the park’s found a broader audience by giving those without a fishing license or trout stamp a place to go.

“People are usually wowed and amazed, they go, ‘Look at all the fish! There’s fish everywhere,'” Edgmon said.

Edgmon said the park has 6,000-8,000 catchable fish at any given time, buying thousands of young trout and raising them for around a year until they’re a large enough size to be fished.

While the park operates on a catch and release system, they also allow those looking to bring home a trout to eat to fish as long as they’d like for free, instead charging by the pound. Caught fish are processed at the park, packed on ice and returned to guests on their way out.

Edgmon said the park does advertise and market where it can, but largely relies on positive word of mouth.

“Especially when school’s out, there’s going to be people from all over coming to fish here,” Edgmon said. “They’ve never heard of the place, but Google ‘trout fishing’ and we show up.”

The park operates from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the week. Edgmon said you don’t need to make any reservations, just to bring a fishing pole.

For more information about Mountain Springs Trout Park, you can visit their website here.