STRAFFORD, Mo. — We know every small town has that one place where students meet up after school and hang out and Ryker told me that place in Strafford is a coffee shop just around the corner from the high school. 

Common Grounds Coffee Shop serves as a place where students can stop in for some fuel before school. Then after school, it is a place that can almost double as a study hall with Wi-Fi and plenty of seating.

Common Grounds also has a community room and is connected to Papaw’s Ice Cream Shop, which is a hit for the kids.

KOLR 10 spoke to the baker at Common Grounds who discussed the connection that the shop has to the community and students.

“It’s great, especially to see them go through the years. August marks our 9 years. It’s just great to see them as they go throughout the school years. We get great support from the school systems, and then we do support the school,” Debbie Cordova said.

The coffee shop is run by former Strafford graduates so the local roots run deep!

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