FULTON COUNTY, Ark. — A woman is charged with murder after telling law enforcement she shot her son after an argument about a lawnmower.

Tabatha Lynn Pebler, 43, is charged with second-degree murder, according to Arkansas court documents.

According to court documents, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call from a residence on Stonewood Road on May 31. The caller said she had shot her son.

When deputies arrived, Pebler told them that she was mowing the yard and got stuck. She got her son Brandon Chrisco to help her get the mower out. She said Chrisco was upset about having to help her.

She then got the mower stuck again. Pebler said that this time, Chrisco called her a “b****” and shoved her off of the mower.

The PC statement said that her car was about 250 yards away. Pebler told deputies that she and Chrisco both made their way to the car, but she took the short way while he took the long way. She retrieved a pistol from the center console and fired several warning shots at Chrisco while moving toward him as he was still approaching. She said she then moved toward her son and fired a shot at him.

It was supposed to be a warning shot, she said, meant to scare him into stopping. But the shot struck him in the upper left side of his chest and killed him.

Crime scene evidence showed that Pebler moved 18 feet toward Chrisco after getting the gun and firing, and then another 42 feet toward him before shooting the final shot. She was less than 20 feet away when she shot him.