SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man was arrested after the father of a child he was allegedly attempting to abduct stopped him on April 12.

According to a press release from the Springfield Police Department, officers responded to a 7:02 a.m. call from the Dream Center, a community service agency in Springfield, after receiving a report about a man attempting to get a child to leave with him.

Danny R. Piper, 48, of Springfield, was arrested after being identified by Dream Center employees. According to the father and witnesses, Piper tried to get the child to leave with him but was stopped by the child’s father. Neither the child nor the father knew the man.

Officers detained Piper and a female with him. Both were taken to the Greene County Jail, but the woman was released shortly after when it was decided she was not involved.

Piper is being held on unofficial charges of enticement of a child and attempted child kidnapped. He has not yet been formally charged.

The press release states that investigators are concerned that there are “other similar incidents involving Piper in the area that have not been reported.” Anyone with information about Piper or similar incidents can call the SPD at 417-864-1810.