This story has been updated with the names of those involved and what Springfield Police said happened Wednesday afternoon:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– An hours-long standoff came to an end at around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, after police said they entered a residence to find one man dead inside.

Springfield Police Department said on June 22 authorities responded to a missing person report which led them to 1618 E. Adams Street. On arrival, police found one woman deceased.

In an ensuing investigation, they were led to a trailer home at 1633 E. Caravan Street looking for a person of interest related to the case.

Springfield Police and SWAT teams arrived at the trailer home before 3:30 p.m. and made verbal contact with a man in the home who had barricaded himself inside. Authorities then proceeded to engage in a standoff that lasted for at least three hours.

When authorities entered the home, they said the man inside was already dead. An investigation into the woman’s death is still ongoing, but it is believed to be connected to this standoff.

Police said the man was not directly related to the residents of the East Caravan Street home.

Several homes nearby were evacuated during the confrontation.

“for the safety of the public and the citizens nearby, we wanted to make sure that they weren’t in any danger,” SPD Lieutenant Heather Anderson said. “Trailers are very thin-walled, so we wanted to make sure that we moved them out of the way.”

A response team is still processing the scene.