SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Springfield man was arrested on September 16 for allegedly assaulting two elderly people.

Michael Plumlee, Jr., 47, is facing two counts of domestic assault. Plumlee was found loitering in the victim’s sunroom and was not allowed to be there due to past domestic assaults, according to the probable cause statement.

The first victim attempted to make Plumlee leave when a fight occurred. The second victim attempted to intervene when Plumlee grabbed her and threw her to the ground before fleeing the location.

The victims were identified as a 71-year-old male and a 72-year-old female. The female was transported to a hospital as a result of being thrown to the ground and kicked in the ribs.

A warrant was issued for Plumlee’s arrest and he was booked into jail on September 19.

The probable cause statement says Plumlee has a long criminal past including assault on a law enforcement officer, fourth-degree assault, stealing, forgery and driving while intoxicated.

Plumlee’s next court appearance will be on October 5.