SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — For people wondering what the day on Springfield’s police force looks like, here are all the types of reports that the Springfield Police Department filed during 24-hour periods.

Ozarks First is working to give readers an in-depth look at crime trends and what is happening in Springfield.

Oct. 31, Monday — Reports of stealing from a vehicle reached their highest point on Halloween in the three weeks since we began recording this information. Auto thefts also spiked this day.

Types of reportsMon., Oct. 31
Abuse of 9110
Abandoned vehicle4
Accident, industrial non-motor vehicle0
Animal call0
Assault, domestic5
Assault, life threat1
Assist agency0
Assist person0
Auto theft, stolen vehicle6
Burglary, commercial2
Burglary, residential2
Check building0
Check vehicle2
Check person0
Check well-being3
Child abuse, endangering1
Child molestation0
Child pornography0
Deceased person3
Disturbance, domestic3
Disturbance, general1
Driving while intoxicated0
Driving while intoxicated, assault0
Drugs, all activities3
Elder abuse0
Fail to return borrowed vehicle0
Fail to return leased property0
False alarm10
Found property4
Forgery, prescription0
Fraudulently obtain controlled substance0
Fraudulent use of a credit card0
Identity theft0
Incomplete report entry0
Indecent exposure0
Juvenile situation, noncriminal0
Liquor law violation0
Littering, illegal dumping0
Lost property2
Miscellaneous, all other3
Missing person, adult0
Missing person, juvenile2
Motor vehicle accident13
Motor vehicle accident, injury1
Motor vehicle accident, leaving the scene3
Motor vehicle accident, walk-in1
Noise disturbance0
Order of protection violation2
Receiving stolen property0
Recovered vehicle0
Repossessed vehicle6
Robbery, commercial1
Robbery, individual0
Sex offense, all except rape3
Shots heard0
Stalled vehicle0
Stealing by deceit0
Stealing from a vehicle10
Warrant arrest6
Warrant, search0
Weapons violation2
Courtesy of the Springfield Police Department

Oct. 24-30

Oct. 24, Monday — Lowest volume of reports on a Monday in three weeks. There were more drug reports today than any day last week. Stealing reports have shot back up since Sunday, which has been the trend for the past three weeks.

Oct. 25, Tuesday — Motor vehicle accident reports exponentially increased from Monday, but are down from last Tuesday. Stealing reports dropped significantly.

Oct. 26, Wednesday — Abandoned vehicle reports reached their apex this week and the last two weeks today. Vandalism is rising.

Oct. 27, Thursday — Drug reports ramped up Thursday. Motor vehicle accidents dropped. Stealing reports doubled from Wednesday and reached a new weekly high.

Oct. 28, Friday — General assaults and domestic assaults increased sharply Friday, as well as domestic disturbance reports. Two reports about prostitution were filed. Stealing is down significantly.

Oct. 29, Saturday — Abandoned vehicle reports reached a three-week high. Stealing reports continued to decline.

Oct. 30, Sunday — Sunday’s abandoned vehicle reports beat Saturday’s already record-breaking numbers by 8 a.m.

Types of reportsMon., Oct. 24Tue., Oct. 25Wed., Oct. 26Thu., Oct. 27Fri., Oct. 28Sat., Oct. 29Sun., Oct. 30Week totals
Abuse of 91100000000
Abandoned vehicle59207132230106
Accident, industrial non-motor vehicle00000000
Animal call00010001
Assault, domestic8108075038
Assault, life threat00000000
Assist agency00012104
Assist person00000101
Auto theft, stolen vehicle565124427
Burglary, commercial10101003
Burglary, residential212232214
Check building00010001
Check vehicle00000022
Check person24001108
Check well-being001073314
Child abuse, endangering00112004
Child molestation00000000
Child pornography01100002
Deceased person21211209
Disturbance, domestic02005108
Disturbance, general12202119
Driving while intoxicated00011237
Driving while intoxicated, assault00000101
Drugs, all activities753821329
Elder abuse00010001
Fail to return borrowed vehicle10000001
Fail to return leased property01000001
False alarm7108101410867
Found property221122111
Forgery, prescription00000000
Fraudulently obtain controlled substance10000001
Fraudulent use of a credit card21000003
Identity theft10000001
Incomplete report entry00001001
Indecent exposure00000000
Juvenile situation, noncriminal00110024
Liquor law violation00000000
Littering, illegal dumping00000000
Lost property10010002
Miscellaneous, all other122242013
Missing person, adult01001103
Missing person, juvenile300313010
Motor vehicle accident511127146560
Motor vehicle accident, injury142510518
Motor vehicle accident, leaving the scene022123010
Motor vehicle accident, walk-in31310240032
Noise disturbance00010001
Order of protection violation11202118
Receiving stolen property00000000
Recovered vehicle01100002
Repossessed vehicle604220216
Robbery, commercial00100000
Robbery, individual00011103
Sex offense, all except rape000423110
Shots heard00010023
Stalled vehicle00000011
Stealing by deceit01000001
Stealing from a vehicle693650332
Warrant arrest968444540
Warrant, search00110002
Weapons violation11001003
Courtesy of the Springfield Police Department

Oct. 17-23

Oct. 17, Monday — Monday saw a rise in domestic assault reports compared to the previous week. Three occurred at different locations during the 9 a.m. hour. Stealing reports jumped up after a five-day stretch of single-digit reports.

Oct. 18, Tuesday — Abandoned vehicle reports nearly tripled in one day on Tuesday and reports of stealing nearly doubled. Many of the 28 stealing reports originated from Wal-Mart.

Oct. 19, Wednesday — People leaving the scene of crashes were double on Wednesday compared to Tuesday. Reports of stealing are down to nearly half of Tuesday’s numbers.

Oct. 20, Thursday — Reports are at their lowest levels this week. However, assault reports spiked, tying Saturday in the last 10 days and sex offenses are tied for the highest in the last 11 days.

Oct. 21, Friday — Report numbers today are relatively low compared to the beginning of the week, but on par compared to last Friday. Domestic assault reports doubled from yesterday. Sex offenses continue an upward trend this week, already past last week’s total of nine reports. Each sex offense report on Friday involved a minor; most were reported by the Greene County Children’s Division.

Oct. 22, Saturday — Report volume dropped today, as they did the previous Saturday. Residential burglaries and drug activities reached their week height. Sex offense reports ended their upward climb through the week, ending with zero filed Saturday. Stealing reports dropped significantly compared to the rest of the week.

Oct. 23, Sunday — Abandoned vehicles reached their peak on Sunday, with 11 out of 17 reports occurring before 5 a.m. Motor vehicle accident report of all types were fairly low, as they were last week. Domestic assault reports reached the second-highest peak of the week.

Types of reportsMon., Oct. 17Tue., Oct. 18Wed., Oct. 19Thu., Oct. 20Fri., Oct. 21Sat., Oct. 22Sun., Oct. 23Week Totals
Abuse of 91100000000
Abandoned vehicle5149106101771
Accident, industrial non-motor vehicle01000001
Animal call01000001
Assault, domestic11954881055
Assault, life threat00000000
Assist agency00220004
Assist person01000001
Auto theft, stolen vehicle522314219
Burglary, commercial02121017
Burglary, residential322124216
Check building00100001
Check vehicle00021003
Check person21201107
Check well-being042213214
Child abuse, endangering02010104
Child molestation00000000
Child pornography00001001
Deceased person00220228
Disturbance, domestic220312010
Disturbance, general01300015
Driving while intoxicated11011026
Drugs, all activities223435221
Elder abuse00000000
Fail to return borrowed vehicle00002002
Fail to return leased property01000001
False alarm991211813971
Found property135030012
Forgery, prescription00000000
Fraudulent use of a credit card02012005
Identity theft01000001
Incomplete report entry01000001
Indecent exposure00000011
Juvenile situation, noncriminal02012016
Liquor law violation00210104
Littering, illegal dumping00000000
Lost property10201004
Miscellaneous, all other142310314
Missing person, adult41000016
Missing person, juvenile213131213
Motor vehicle accident11101191211872
Motor vehicle accident, injury04202008
Motor vehicle accident, leaving the scene348443026
Motor vehicle accident, walk-in761520021
Order of protection violation01120004
Receiving stolen property00000000
Recovered vehicle00000000
Repossessed vehicle424333019
Robbery, commercial00000000
Robbery, individual00000011
Sex offense, all except rape112450215
Stealing by deceit00010001
Stealing from a vehicle737451330
Warrant arrest966265438
Warrant, search00000000
Weapons violation02001025
Courtesy of the Springfield Police Department

Oct. 10-16

Oct. 11, Tuesday — Compared to Monday’s reports, officers had a significant increase of abandoned vehicles, stealing, and vandalism to property reports on Tuesday.

Oct. 12, Wednesday — Domestic assaults tripled from Tuesday and drug reports reached their peak for the week on Wednesday. Stealing reports dropped drastically and stayed comparatively low for the rest of the week.

Oct. 13, Thursday — Abandoned vehicle calls ramped on Thursday up as the weekend grew closer. Auto thefts, stealing from vehicles, and reports of vehicles leaving scenes of accidents reached their peak on Thursday.

Oct. 14, Friday — No DWIs were reported on Friday, which is the only day of the week this happened. However, non-injury motor vehicle accident reports reached their peak this day.

Oct. 15, Saturday — With the weekend in full swing, abandoned vehicle reports reach their second-highest record, while residential burglaries and assaults reached their peak of the week.

Oct. 16, Sunday — Notably, no non-injury motor vehicle accidents were reported this day, though there were some accidents where people left the scene. DWIs reached their peak on Sunday.

Types of reportsMon., Oct. 10Tue., Oct. 11Wed., Oct. 12Thu., Oct. 13Fri., Oct. 14Sat., Oct. 15Sun., Oct. 16Week Totals
Abuse of 91110000001
Abandoned vehicle17415713451
Animal call00000000
Assault, domestic739574641
Assault, life threat00100001
Assist agency02001003
Assist person10000001
Auto theft, stolen vehicle875933338
Burglary, commercial11220309
Burglary, residential522146121
Check vehicle02100003
Check person21200016
Check well-being232415017
Child abuse, endangering11311108
Child molestation00100001
Deceased person20110015
Disturbance, domestic330121212
Disturbance, general01101306
Driving while intoxicated113301413
Drugs, all activities568243230
Elder abuse00000000
Fail to return borrowed vehicle00001012
False alarm810141012161787
Found property231332014
Forgery, prescription00000101
Fraudulent use of a credit card01013106
Identity theft00110002
Incomplete report entry00100012
Indecent exposure01000001
Juvenile situation, noncriminal01120105
Liquor law violation02000002
Littering, illegal dumping10000001
Lost property31001005
Miscellaneous, all other014361015
Missing person, adult31220008
Missing person, juvenile01121117
Motor vehicle accident14815121612077
Motor vehicle accident, injury351020112
Motor vehicle accident, leaving the scene236912528
Motor vehicle accident, walk-in544340020
Order of protection violation02121006
Receiving stolen property00000000
Recovered vehicle21100004
Repossessed vehicle640110012
Robbery, commercial00000011
Robbery, individual01001002
Sex offense, all except rape41111019
Stealing by deceit00002002
Stealing from a vehicle445911024
Warrant arrest5961336446
Warrant, search00100001
Weapons violation10001002
Courtesy of the Springfield Police Department

Something to note is that these are not all of the calls the SPD received. These are the numbers of each type of report the police filed about incidents throughout the day.

If you would like to see a specific call at a certain time, you can search through the SPD’s calls on its website.